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Saminuh O. Ojebola

Executive Director

Founder and Head Chef of Jesus Cares 2020 Ministries, Sam runs a non-profit organization that actively supports people experiencing homelessness and underserved communities in Sonoma County. His passion for assisting those in need was ignited long before his culinary career began. Arriving in the U.S. from Nigeria in 2006, Sam found himself in New York City, alone and without resources. He was offered refuge by a church in the Bronx, where he was given food, shelter, clothing, and kindness. Over the next few months, Sam received additional support and resources to help him get on his feet. It was during that time that he made a promise to himself. Once he had completed his education and was in a position to help others, he would carry on the kindness so generously bestowed on him.   Sam went on to attend Santa Rosa Junior College to study culinary arts. After receiving a Certificate in Culinary Arts in 2014, in 2023, Sam shifted his academic focus to Social Work. He went to work for a number of restaurants on both the East Coast and the West. Apart from his skill as a chef, he came to excel at developing and overseeing culinary teams and managing the efficient daily operations of a kitchen. He continued his education, receiving a ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certificate. In addition, he continues to work toward his bachelor’s degree in Social Work at Walden University. Over the years, Sam has earned the respect and admiration of his colleagues, most notably for his positive and encouraging approach to safety and productivity. He lives and works by the mantra, “Make your presence count by your service to others, and you will find your purpose in life.”   Over the years, Sam kept in mind the commitment he made back in 2006 to help those in need meaningfully. His opportunity came amidst the unprecedented challenges of a pandemic. As he contemplated the plight of the homeless during lockdown and the dwindling resources available to them, he knew he could put his culinary and managerial skills to good use. He began preparing and packaging meals from his own kitchen. In order to expand the operation and reach more people, he was able to partner with local volunteers, businesses, and Saint Vincent de Paul. Based in Santa Rosa, California, Jesus Cares 2020 Ministries was founded in 2021 and offers free nutritious meals, clothing, housing, and counseling to the underserved communities of Sonoma County. The organization strives to maintain the core values of compassion, human values, and the belief that God cares.   Along with his wife and two children, Sam continues to educate his community and inspire others to improve the lives of the underprivileged. Outside his work and volunteer activities, he enjoys fishing, camping, traveling, and spending time with his family.     “Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”     - Francis of Assisi

Wambui Gatibaru is a remarkable individual whose compassion and dedication are truly inspiring. Wambui's professional journey has led her to the Appeals Unit of the State of California, where her previous experiences in the healthcare sector have woven a tapestry of expertise that spans various domains. With a background encompassing Medical/Surgical, Pediatric, Acute and Sub Care Units, Labor and Delivery, Dialysis, Outpatient Departments, IVF, and more, Wambui possesses a wealth of knowledge that she now employs to review and deliberate upon crucial decisions within her current role. This unique fusion of medical wisdom and analytical acumen makes her an invaluable asset in ensuring fairness and empathy in the decision-making process. Yet, Wambui's contributions extend beyond the professional realm. Her commitment to making a positive impact has led her to volunteer with esteemed organizations such as the American Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity. Notably, she dedicated a significant four-year span to a medical team, offering care and health awareness to underprivileged and uninsured individuals in inner-city settings. This blend of experience reflects her unwavering determination to uplift the lives of those often overlooked. In 2020, Wambui extended her altruistic reach by joining Jesus Cares Ministries, where she serves as not only a dedicated volunteer but also as the organization's Secretary. Her motivation remains rooted in the same noble cause that guided her previous endeavors - the desire to enhance the lives of those facing limited opportunities. Wambui's involvement infuses the organization with a potent mix of expertise, compassion, and a keen understanding of the transformative power of kindness. Outside of her professional and charitable pursuits, Wambui finds solace in her hobbies. Her love for traveling not only broadens her horizons but also enriches her perspective on the interconnectedness of humanity. Music, another of her passions, serves as a source of comfort and a means of expression in her multifaceted life. Wambui Gatibaru's journey exemplifies the harmonious balance between a sterling professional career and a heart brimming with empathy. As she continues to contribute her remarkable insights and unwavering compassion, she becomes an exemplar of positive change within our feeding the patrons here at the Jesus Cares 2020 organization.


Wambui E. Gatibaru



Lekkyes G. Dakwakas


As Dr. Myles Monroe once said, "The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but a life without a purpose." This has been the drive for Lekkyes as he continually understands the importance of having a clear sense of purpose and is committed to living a life of meaning and impact. Lekkyes is a driven individual with a passion for creating positive change. Born in Jos, Nigeria, Lekkyes came to the US in 2015 to further his education. He pursued his studies in Business IT, a field that he is passionate about and hopes to use to make a difference in the world. Lekkyes comes from an amazing family of five, with two parents and three kids. His family has been a constant source of support and encouragement, helping him to achieve his goals and pursue his dreams. Lekkyes is a dedicated and passionate individual who is committed to serving his community in the best way possible. As an Engineer, Lekkyes brings his technical expertise to the table, helping to design and develop innovative solutions that make a difference in the world. However, Lekkyes' dedication to service extends far beyond his work as an Engineer. As the former Student Body President at the Santa Rosa Junior College, Lekkyes gained valuable leadership experience, representing the student voice across the 5 campus districts. He made it his mission to ensure that the needs and concerns of the student body were heard and addressed. In addition to this, Lekkyes also served as the vice president of the International Students Program, where he helped international students bridge the gap in the US and provided a sense of community and belonging for students from all over the world. One of Lekkyes' notable achievements was directing the SRJC You Belong campaign, aimed at giving students, staff, and faculty a sense of belonging at the campus. This initiative demonstrated Lekkyes' passion for creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone. Lekkyes' passion for community service has also led him to work with non-profit organizations, including Jesus Cares 2020 Ministries, where he currently volunteers his time and expertise as Treasurer. As a dedicated director of Jesus Cares 2020 Ministries board, Lekkyes is committed to promoting the mission and vision of the organization and making a positive impact on the community. With homelessness been a pressing issue in Santa Rosa, California, with approximately 2,900 individuals experiencing homelessness on any given night. Jesus Cares aims to provide humanitarian care to the less privileged and vulnerable individuals of our community, through feeding, clothing, housing, counseling and education in order to improve their quality of life and restore their hope. “As a wise leader once said, Leadership is not about titles, positions, or flowcharts. It is about one life influencing another. I have always valued the importance of community and supporting one another. I bring this same spirit of cooperation and teamwork to all aspects of his life, working collaboratively with others to achieve shared goals and make the world a better place. Partner with us in making this our success story as we transform lives to the glory of Jesus’ name.”


Irene L. Kiboone


Born and raised in Uganda, Irene Kiboone ventured to the United States to pursue her aspirations in the medical field. Driven by a deep-seated desire to make a difference, Irene dedicated herself to a cause that resonated with her heart and soul - feeding the homeless. As a devoted wife and mother of two wonderful children, Daniella and Levi, Irene understands the significance of having even the basic necessities such as food and shelter, impacts our quality of life. Having experienced firsthand the impact that essential resources have on a child's well-being, Irene is passionately committed to ensuring that no child goes hungry. With a decade of volunteering experience under her belt, she possesses a profound understanding of the issues faced by underprivileged communities and is determined to be an instrument of change. Irene's journey in making a positive impact on the lives of others led her to join the board of Jesus Cares Ministries in 2020. When asked about her unwavering dedication to volunteering, Irene's response speaks volumes about her character: "Because I felt it was full feeling. God has always laid it on my heart." Her unwavering faith and her unwavering compassion drive her to tirelessly serve those in need, embodying the true spirit of selflessness and generosity. Outside of her philanthropic endeavors, Irene finds solace and joy in various activities. She enjoys going for jogs, immersing herself in the tranquility of nature, and using her free time to engage with children through her shared love for basketball. Worshipping is another outlet that brings Irene immense happiness, as she delights in the art of singing With Irene Kiboone's unwavering commitment, infectious compassion, and diverse experiences, she continues to be an indomitable force within the feeding the homeless non-profit organization. Her inspiring journey from Uganda to the United States has shaped her into an empathetic advocate for change, fueled by her unyielding belief in the power of love, kindness, and the pursuit of social justice. Irene's unwavering dedication and passion make her an invaluable asset in creating a brighter future for those in need.


Tammy Quackenbush


Tammy Quackenbush was born in the vast landscapes of Eastern Montana, her life’s journey has been marked by adventure, compassion, and a deep commitment to communication. Born in the upper Midwest heartland of the United States, Tammy's story is one of exploration, cultural immersion, and a steadfast dedication to helping others. Growing up in Salem, Illinois, the “Gateway to Little Egypt” Tammy's early years were shaped by the values of community and empathy instilled by her family and surroundings. Her innate curiosity and desire to connect with people would eventually lead her to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communications at Walla Walla University, a decision that would set the stage for her diverse and fulfilling career. During her college years, Tammy embarked on a life-changing journey to Thailand. Here, she devoted two months of her life to working with the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA), a humanitarian organization focused on providing essential resources to those in need. Her mission was to help dig water wells, a task that not only brought clean drinking water to communities but also allowed her to immerse herself in the rich tapestry of Thai culture. This experience ignited a lifelong passion for humanitarian work and cultural understanding. Upon completing her undergraduate studies, Tammy's desire to explore the world and make a difference led her to Chuncheon, South Korea, where she taught Adult English as a Second Language (ESL) for a year. This international experience expanded her horizons, challenged her teaching skills, and deepened her appreciation for cross-cultural communication. Returning to the United States, Tammy embarked on a remarkable career journey that spanned over 17 years as a casualty claims representative. Her work in the insurance industry honed her problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and commitment to providing support during challenging times. She demonstrated empathy and professionalism while helping individuals navigate complex claims processes. In a significant career transition, Tammy found her true calling as a Case Manager at a local personal injury law firm. Here, she applied her diverse skill set to advocate for those who had suffered personal injuries, ensuring they received the support and legal representation they deserved. Her dedication to helping people find justice and healing has made a profound impact on her community. Beyond her professional achievements, Tammy's personal life is a testament to enduring love and partnership. She has been happily married to Jeff Quackenbush for 28 years, a union built on trust, mutual support, and shared dreams. For countless years, Tammy sought an outreach opportunity to provide sustenance and care to the homeless, the elderly, and the underprivileged residents of Sonoma County. She dedicated over a decade of her life to volunteering with the Santa Rosa Adventist Church, where her efforts were instrumental in organizing their annual Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, a cherished tradition benefiting the homeless and the less fortunate in the community. When these dinners were regrettably discontinued, Tammy continued to fervently pray for another avenue to nourish and uplift the lives of the homeless while sharing the message of Jesus Christ. Her faith was beautifully rewarded when she discovered Jesus Cares 2020, an organization that she recognized as the answer to her long-standing prayers. Tammy Quackenbush's life is a story of a small-town girl with a big heart and an unyielding commitment to making the world a better place. From her early days in Illinois to her international adventures in Thailand and South Korea, and now her compassionate work as a Case Manager, she continues to inspire those around her with her dedication to communication, empathy, and the pursuit of justice. In the tapestry of her life, Tammy Quackenbush has woven a narrative of compassion, connection, and community that serves as an inspiration to all who have the privilege of knowing her.


Grace Gatibaru


Grace Gatibaru, LL.M, MA in Theology She was set on a career in law, when as a disciple of Jesus Christ, she became more and more interested in connecting the dots and filling in the blanks in her Bible. This led Grace to Theological Seminary, then to becoming a pastor at a local church. Grace first volunteered in order to get work experience, then volunteered to give back, now, she just pitches in when a hand is needed. Grace met Mr. Ojebola the Board President and Executive Director and his wife and vice-president, Mrs Ojebola several years ago. They shared their vision with her and eventually invited her to join the team, which Grace was blessed to do. It has been a great adventure and a joy. Travel is one of her favorite hobbies.


Mary W. Nyambura


Born and raised in Kenya, Mary Nyambura is a family oriented woman and a mother of 2 children. As a born again Christian, she is passionate about serving. Her service to others began when she was a teenager. Mary helped in taking care of her grandparents. As a part of the Jesus Cares 2020 organization, Mary brings a wealth of experience and skills to her role. With a background in nursing, Mary’s expertise in providing care and support is invaluable to the organization's mission. Mary’s professional journey began in 2008 when she obtained her Nursing Assistant certification in Contra Costa College, California. Her career journey continued and in 2015, she graduated as a Vocational Nurse from Santa Rosa Junior College. Determined to further her career and expand her knowledge, Mary pursued her nursing degree in Florida and became Registered Nurse in 2022. Equipped with her educational background, Mary has gained significant experience in the healthcare industry. She currently works as a Registered Nurse for Marin County Hospital in California, since 2022. In this role, Mary provides care to patients of different backgrounds, ethnicities, religions and ages.She collaborates with a team of doctors, nurses, therapists and Certified Nursing Assistants to maintain a safe and nurturing environment for all patients. Additionally, Mary worked as a Home Health Aide and Certified Nurse Assistant in many nursing homes in San Rafael, California. This position allowed her to care for patients in different settings including homes. Mary’s extensive skill set includes, excellent communication skills, infection control and personal protective equipment (PPE) expertise, adherence to HIPAA regulations, and proficiency in geriatric treatment and wound care. Her knowledge also extends to medication administration, psych and mental health care, body mechanics, acute and rehabilitative care, as well as diabetes, hospice, and stroke patient care.Mary is not only well-versed in the technical aspects of her field but also possesses strong leadership, organization, time management, assessment, and documentation skills. Furthermore, her computer proficiency enhances her ability to streamline administrative tasks and provide efficient care In addition to her nursing licenses in California and Florida,Mary holds Basic Life Support (BLS) and ACLS certifications through the American Heart Association. Mary Nyambura’s unwavering dedication, compassion, and diverse skill set make her an invaluable asset to the feeding the Jesus Cares 2020 Ministries organization. Her commitment to improving the lives of others and her extensive experience in the nursing field make her an exemplary team member and a source of inspiration to those around her.


Patricka Grant-Mayer


Patricka Grant-Meyer is a Jamaican Immigrant residing in Northern California, USA. She holds a Bachelor of Science from Samuel Merritt University, California, USA; an Associate Degree from Santa Rosa Junior College, California, USA; and a Diploma in Personnel Management with a Minor in Management Studies from the Caribbean Institute of Business, Kingston, Jamaica. Patricka is a philanthropist, community builder, mentor, devout Christian, and a devoted mother to her teenage son. She currently works as a health care professional in Santa Rosa and continuously expresses profound joy at the opportunity afforded her to be able to serve the community in this way. Patricka’s life is guided by the principles and teachings of the Holy Bible which entreats us to care for the widows, orphans, fatherless, and poor. This Biblical command fuels her desire to support the members of her community globally. While her preference is to anonymously donate to the causes she believes in, Patricka has also taken on initiatives directed at raising funds to help with medical treatment; providing tuition, books, monthly allowance, and school supplies for her “adopted children”; and providing food and financial support to family, friends, and persons in need. Despite these acts of altruism, Patricka has a long-held desire to provide greater access to health care for persons in the rural areas in her native country Jamaica. She believes creating opportunities to educate residents of rural areas in proper health care practices can go a far way in increasing life expectancy and in creating greater uptake of medical services. This belief was one of the driving forces behind her advancing her education and equipping herself with the tools and resources to address this need. Patricka was excited at the opportunity of being a partner in Jesuscares 2020, as this open great opportunity to serve those in need in the community of Santa Rosa.


Jeff Quackenbush


Jeff Quackenbush embarked on a remarkable journey from the vibrant coastlines of the San Francisco Bay Area to the breathtaking landscapes of Anchorage, Alaska. Born in New Jersey, his life story is a testament to his passion for communication, a commitment to learning, and a steadfast dedication to journalistic integrity. Growing up amidst the diverse cultural tapestry of the San Francisco Bay Area and the rugged wilderness of Alaska, Jeff developed a deep appreciation for the beauty of human connection and the majesty of nature. These formative years would later influence his career choices and shape his worldview.  With a thirst for knowledge and a love for storytelling, Jeff pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communications at Walla Walla University, graduating with honors, cum laude. His time at university not only provided him with a strong foundation in communication skills but also introduced him to lifelong friends, including his college sweetheart, Tammy Quackenbush. Upon graduating, Jeff's adventurous spirit led him to embark on a transformative journey to Chuncheon, South Korea, where he dedicated a year to teaching Adult English as a Second Language (ESL). This experience not only broadened his horizons but also allowed him to explore neighboring countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, and Beijing, China. Jeff's time in Asia was marked by cultural immersion, personal growth, and a deep appreciation for the global community. Returning to the United States, Jeff embarked on his journalism career, a path that would define his professional life for over two decades. He started as a reporter at Bay City New Service, where he honed his investigative skills, developed a keen eye for detail, and cultivated his passion for uncovering the stories that matter. His dedication to reporting earned him a reputation for excellence in the field. In 1998, Jeff's journey brought him to the North Bay Business Journal, where he assumed the role of a reporter and web editor. For 23 years, he has been an integral part of the publication, contributing to its growth and success. His reporting has shed light on local businesses, economic trends, and the vibrant North Bay community. Jeff's work continues to inform, inspire, and connect people, reflecting his unwavering commitment to the principles of journalism. Beyond his professional achievements, Jeff's personal life is a testament to enduring love and partnership. He and Tammy, his college sweetheart, have shared a journey filled with shared dreams and unwavering support, celebrating 28 years of marriage. Jeff has dedicated his career to the pursuit of truth, the power of communication, and the importance of community. From his diverse upbringing to his global adventures and his enduring journalistic contributions, he exemplifies the essence of a lifelong commitment to storytelling and the art of connecting people through words. Residing in Sonoma County for more than two decades, Jeff and his wife, Tammy, have been witnesses to the evolving dynamics of Santa Rosa, as it grapples with the daunting task of supporting a homeless population that has swelled to nearly 3,000 individuals. In the spring of 2023, Jeff embraced the honor of becoming a board director for Jesus Cares 2020 Ministries, a role that enables him to passionately advocate for the organization's noble mission and vision of providing essential humanitarian aid to those in need, especially the less fortunate and vulnerable among us. In the chronicles of journalism and life's rich experiences, Jeff Quackenbush's narrative shines as a beacon of integrity, curiosity, and the enduring value of meaningful communication.

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